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With our one-stop service, we help you save your cost, time, and keep up with high quality to improve your competitive advantage.

Our capability - With around 2 decades rich experience of mold design and manufacture in Precision Mould,We have special technology in Making Cable Ties Mould, evry year we made more than 250 sets Nylon Cable ties Moulds and Fine Pins Mould, Plastic Fastener Mould,We also make Wall Switch Mould,Plastic Seals Mould, Fine Pins Mould, Loop lock Mould,Cable Clips Mould,Cable Gland Mould,Electronic Accessories Mould.

Cost - We are quite confident in our overall cost control then offer more competitive price. The labor cost in China is low, contributes effectively to much lower production cost. Our overhead is controlled efficiently at the same time, including low land renting expense for factory, low transportation cost, cheap power source, etc. Generally speaking, we have price dvantages in offering Precision Mould.

Qaulity Control - exception ISO Quality System, we have Professional mould engineers who will check the full manufacturing process of your mould, and Update you weekly reports and digital pictures of your mould, let you know your mould situation in person.

Lead Time - Our short lead time of manufacture can meet your urgent requirement. For some special case in
emergency, the lead time can be tailored for you through overnight work with shift.

Location - Younger Mould located in Huanyan, China--Hometown of Mold, Kingdom of Plastics, next Ningbo port and Shanghai. Shanghai attracts not only numerous local high-educated engineers and skillful technicians, but also many experts from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, America and Europe.

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