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The newest patent of USA for making mould of cable tie·
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Younger Mould is specialize in Design and manufacturing Nylon Cable Ties Mould, Wall Switch Mould,Nail Clips Mould,Cable Clips Mould,Tag Pins Mould, FIne Pins Moud, Plastic Seals Mould, Cable Gland Mould,Electronic Accessories Mould,etc.Precision Mould-especially In Cable ties Mould, Fine Pins Mould, Plastic seals Mould .

We are well equipped with Special Grinder Machine for Cable Ties Mould, CNC machining, vertical milling machine, high precision electric spark machine, stretching machine for tag pins and loop pins etc.

We believe advanced equiptment is the base of high quality product.

Special Grinder Machine for Cable Ties Mould
Stretching Machine for Fine Pins, Loop Pins
Wire Cutting Machine
Japan Sodick Precision wire Cuting Machine
Japan Sodick Precision Electric Spark Machine
CNC Milling Machine

  Nylon Cable Ties Mould|Wall Switch Mould|Cabele Clips Mould|Tag Pins Mould|Security Seals Mould
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