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CAE Technology plastic mold design an inevitable trend of development
Die production of industrial products is an important process equipment, with the rapid development of industrial plastics and plastic products in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobile industries, such as the popularization of the application of the products to the requirements of the ever die higher, the traditional mold design method has been unable to adapt to upgrade and improve product quality requirements. Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technology has become the plastic product development, mold design and product processing in these weak links via the most effective. The same compared to the traditional mold design, both in CAE technology to increase productivity and ensure the quality of products, or to reduce costs and reduce labor intensity and so on, all of which have great advantages.

United States Moldflow Corporation is a listed company specialized in injection molding CAE software and consulting firm, since 1976 issued the world's first set of flow analysis software, has been leading the plastic molding CAE software market. In recent years, motor vehicles, household appliances, electronic communications, chemicals and daily necessities, and other fields have been widely used.

CAE technology can be used in the mold process, the entire computer injection molding process analog analysis to accurately predict melt filling, packing, cooling, as well as products in the stress distribution, molecular and fiber orientation distribution of products contraction deformation and warping, so designers can be found as soon as possible, promptly amend parts and tooling design, rather than wait until after the trial to rework Die Die. This is not only the traditional mold of a breakthrough design, but also to reduce or even avoid mold rework scrapped, improve product quality and reduce costs, and so on, have a significant technical and economic significance.

Plastic mold design should not only use CAD technology, but also using CAE technologies. This is the inevitable trend of development. Injection molding in two stages, namely the development / design stage (including product design, mold design and mold manufacturing) and the stage of production (including the purchase of materials, test mode and Moulding). The traditional method of injection molding in the formal pre-production, as designers use their experience and intuition mold design, mold assembly has been completed, usually require several test mode, after the problem was detected not only need to re-set parameters even need to amend the plastic products and mold design, which is bound to increase the cost of production, extended product development cycle. Using CAE technologies that can completely replace the test mode, CAE technology products from design to production of the complete solution, in the mold manufacturing, forecast plastic melt in the cavity in the molding process to help study the potential problems and effective to prevent problems, greatly reducing the development cycle and reduce the cost of production.

In recent years, CAE technology in injection molding in the field of increasing importance, CAE technology can be used injection molding a comprehensive solution to the problems in the process.
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