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Project Management

As we are expert and experienced, so we can save cost, time, and keep up with high quality to improve your competitive advantage.

Yonger Mould is able to manage the entire process from the very beginning concept to perfect completion. This means higher efficiency, lower cost, shortening lead-time and much better overall control of the operation. We will make detailed production plan, being monitored strictly by project managers who are rich experienced in design and manufacture, process management. specially in Calbe Ties Moulds,Fine Pins Mould Container Seals Mould,Fastener Mouldand Wall Switch Mould. Project manager will be fully in charge of all business and technical communication with customer.Weekly report and digital picture are presented customer the detail project progress status, it is easy for customer to control everything at the same time. As far as customer care concerned, we take great pride in the high standard of customer service offered by Yonger Mould. Just one phone call, or e-mail to us and you'll see we are ready for you at any time. Teaming up with a Project Manager and Quality Engineers, we ensure that projects development transit smoothly from the engineering side to the production.


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